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    The Morton

    Located in the heart of Bloomsbury, overlooking the beautiful Russell Square, the Morton hotel is your elegant and relaxing haven from which to explore London. With Covent Garden, the British Museum, Oxford Street and theatreland located within easy walking distance, our 34 room boutique hotel is ideal for business travellers, holiday makers and long stay guests alike. As a family run hotel, we pride ourselves on a luxury and personal level of service to ensure you have a warm welcome and a wonderful stay.

    Recently renovated, we were inspired by the elegance and vibrant style of The Bloomsbury Group - the famous artist collective. With art and opulence abound, enjoy the splendid surroundings while enjoying a drink in The Library Bar & Lounge.

    Bloomsbury Bedroom

    • Shower or bath tub with shower
    • Bathrooms with heated towel rails and under floor heating
    • Non-smoking rooms
    • Tea/Coffee making facilities
    • Free Wi-fi access
    • Air-conditioning
    • 42” flat screen TV with full range of Sky channels
    • Ruark radio & iPod docking station
    • Telephone
    • Electronic safe
    • Hair dryer in all rooms
    • Iron on request

    The Morton Hotel

    2 Woburn Place WC1H 0LH

    Phone: +44 (0) 20 7692 5600


    • Russell Square - 1 minute walk
    • British Museum - 3 minute walk
    • Oxford Street - 11 minute walk
    • Covent Garden - 20 minute walk
    • Theatreland - 20 minute walk

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