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To give our guests the best possible sightseeing opportunities in London and beyond, we've partnered with a leading tour operator, Visitors Sightseeing, to offer a range of spectacular itineraries departing from the Royal National Hotel.

When you book with Visitors Sightseeing, you will be joining a team dedicated to showing you the best of our heritage without any hassle, in comfort, and with interesting and knowledgeable commentaries. Re-live the era of King Henry VIII, Elizabeth I and Shakespeare. See the great castles, cathedrals and picturesque villages in England's green and pleasant land. The advantages of touring with Visitors Sightseeing include:

- Luxury standard coaches with reclining seats, footrests, armrests, excellent heating and ventilation, PA, radio and telephone.

- Blue Badge Guide qualified by the London Tourist Board.

- All entrance fees are included to the establishments printed in bold type in the itinerary. Tickets and Information can be found at the Visitor's Sightseeing Kiosk in the courtyard of the Royal National Hotel.

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