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    Why not join us for a spot of Afternoon Tea?

    The Library at the Morton Hotel is an elegant, welcoming lounge bar inspired by Charleston House, the country home of the Bloomsbury Group. Charleston House was a beautiful, stimulating retreat created by artists Vanessa Bell and Duncan Grant for friends wishing to escape the bustle of Bloomsbury. At the Library, we encourage you to do the same; a quick hop, skip and a jump off Russell Square and you'll find yourself in a spacious, soothing, uniquely tasteful setting, a place for chatter, creativity and time spent with friends.

    A light snack menu is available if you're feeling peckish. And a carefully curated wine list, packed with the finest new vintages at very reasonable prices, offers many perfect ways to complement the comfortable and decorative surroundings. Relax into the Bloomsbury life.
    We also offer a delightful afternoon tea - pre-booking is essential.

    Opening Hours

    11.00am - 11.00pm

    (Monday - Sunday)


    Please click here to view our bar menu.

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